Forêt Noire (Black forest)

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Everyone is different, which means everyone's version of a "serving" of cake is different. To some, a serving of cake is a 1"x2"x2". To others, a serving is 4"x4"x2", and it must be the piece with the white chocolate decoration!Unfortunately, this creates problems on how to price cakes and calculate how many servings you need for your event. Therefore you can also order our cakes by size rather than by weight. The price will be calculated at the time of delivery according to actual weight. Each cake is different in filling and density and therefore offering by weight is confusing for all.

To make it easy for you, we classify the portions in three serving styles - Generous (as though all guests will take the cake as main dessert), Sensible (such as for a small party or for coffee), or for an Event like a wedding. We suggest the following as a guide for your order.

graphical representation of cake serving
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The final price of the cake will be calculated based on exact weight



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